Rugby 260 SG, 270 SG & 280 DG

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Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG & 280DG

Keeps you working


Make the Right Choice! The Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG offer the contractor a real choice of features and functionality.








Leica Rugby 260SG A highly accurate, general construction laser with singlegrade capability.
The Rugby 260SG is a rugged general construction laser with great accuracy, LCD grade readout and semi-automatic grade with bump alert.


Leica Rugby 270SG A fully automatic, single grade laser.
The Rugby 270SG is a fully automatic, single grade laser for the general construction contractor that needs a level or single slope for flat work, site preparation, septic installation, trenching and more.


Leica Rugby 280DG Multipurpose Plus – A horizontal, vertical and dual grade laser for any exterior or interior application.
The Rugby 280DG is a multipurpose laser “Plus” with fully automatic, dual grade capability. It has a bright red beam, plumb beam, scan mode, horizontal and vertical selfleveling, plus dual grade up to 15% in both axes. Available with a two-way remote control, the Rugby 280DG fits well in any construction plan.


2 Years Knockdown, 5 Years Factory Warranty
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Warranty terms and conditions

Feature Rugby 260SG Rugby 270SG Rugby 280DG
90° Plumb beam    
Vertical operation    
RF remote control    
Dual grade to ± 15%    
Single grade to ± 15%  
Fully automated grade control  
Single grade to ± 10% (semi-automatic)
Beam masking
Bright, visible beam
Large, intuitive, graphic display
Simple, five-button operation

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